Commercial Carpet Cleaners Mesa AZ

Lots of businesses have wall to wall carpet and then have one or more area rugs on the carpet for accents.

Test Rug
Before you put a rug on your carpet check to see if it is colorfast. , if that deep red area rug gets wet it commercial carpet cleaningmight bleed the color onto the carpet below it. It is really tough and usually difficult to remove the stain.

If even a small quantity tinged your fabric, it is not safe to put the rug on your carpet. You don’t have to spill anything on it for it to run, simply humidity may be enough for the rug to bleed onto the carpet.

Vacuum Area Rugs
The location rugs must be vacuumed routinely and so must the carpet under them. A lot of individuals think the carpet underneath does not require to be vacuumed given that it has actually been covered with a rug.

Expert Rug Cleaning
You can have the business  pick up the carpet to take back to the shop and clean your carpet on the same day. That way when the rug is returned in a few weeks, both the rug and carpet are totally dry.

If you need your area rugs or carpets professionally cleaned up please give us a call at Carpet Cleaner Pros in Mesa. We are happy to help.


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